@supports selector()

I didn’t realize the support for @supports determining selector support was so good! I usually think of @supports as a way to test for property: value pair support. But with the selector() function, we can test for selector support as well. It looks like this: @supports selector(:nth-child(1 of .foo)) { } You just drop the […]

Three-Digit Browser Versions in March 2022

We aren’t supposed to be doing any sort of decision-making based on browser User-Agent Strings. But, ya know, collectively, we do. Karl Dubost notes that there is a significant change coming to them, notably moving the version integer past two digits: According to the Firefox release calendar, during the first quarter of 2022 (probably March), Firefox […]

Expandable Sections Within a CSS Grid

I love CSS Grid. I love how, with just a few lines of code, we can achieve fully responsive grid layouts, often without any media queries at all. I’m quite comfortable wrangling CSS Grid to produce interesting layouts, while keeping the HTML markup clean and simple. But recently, I was presented with a unique UI […]

How to Make a Dating App Like Tinder

Introduction Hello, dear reader! Happy to see you in this article that, we are sure, you will find most helpful. The reasoning behind our assurance is simple: we will show you the way to create a CMS for a Tinder-like app that requires no, and we emphasize it strongly – absolutely no, coding. “How can […]

Different Degrees of Custom Property Usage

One way to work with Custom Properties is to think of them as design tokens. Colors, spacings, fonts, and whatnot. You set them at the root of the page and use them throughout your CSS. Very useful, and the classic use case for not only Custom Properties but for preprocessor variables for the last one […]

Embedded Analytics Made Simple With Cumul.io Integrations

Browse through SaaS communities on Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Discord, you name it and you’ll see a common theme appear in many of them. That theme can go by many names: BI, analytics, insights and so on. It’s natural, we do business, collect data, we succeed or fail. We want to look into all of that, […]

CSS is Going Gosh-Darned Hog Wild, I Tell Ya What

As someone just sittin’ back watching CSS evolve, it feels like we’re at one of the hottest moments of innovation in CSS history. It was really something when we got flexbox across all browsers, and not terribly long after, grid. They changed the game from CSS feeling like an awkward collection of tricks to something […]

Less Absolute Positioning With Modern CSS

Each time I work on a component that needs absolute positioning, I ask myself: is it really necessary? I started to notice a few use-cases where using position: absolute isn’t needed. I found this interesting and I thought about documenting the use-cases that I usually came through while working on front-end projects. In this article, […]

Jamstack Developers’ Favorite Frameworks of 2021

Which new framework should I learn this year? Is it time to ditch my CMS? What tools should I pick up if I want to scale my site to an audience of millions? The 2021 Jamstack Community Survey is here with answers to those questions and more.  For the past two years, Netlify has conducted […]

Build a Blog on React: Step-by-Step Guide With Examples

Introduction As we all know, thanks to the old saying, the pen is mightier than the sword. And that is definitely true on many occasions, with an exception of, perhaps, an actual sword-on-pen fight, but we digress. The point we are conveying here is that speech and information are not just a way of sharing […]

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