Code Reduction with a Dynamic Language

In this example, the same code is implemented in both C# and JavaScript to illustrate the significant code reduction possible when a scripting language is used. This code defines an object that can be used to hide specific details about database access. It hides the use of the SqlConnection and SqlCommand as well as the […]

Testing Trouble with JScript and ASP .NET Page Object

Testing Trouble with JScript and ASP .NET Page Object I’m writing this article to document a problem that I discovered while trying to do UI tests. In order to do these tests, and follow the TDD practice, I can’t write any code without a broken test. Problem code appears when you can’t find a way […]

Mocking ASP .NET

Whether you’re an Ajax programmer and you want to use JScript in ASP .NET on the server side, or you just want to use a standard language on the server, you will probably be surprised by some new problems you encounter with functions you define on the global object in JScript .NET.  Microsoft has created a more […]

Old in the New [dotNET]

Perhaps you’ve heard about the new dynamic language features coming in the next release of C# (C# 3.0). Did you know that JScript .NET already implements some of these features? Take a look at this new feature that is being offered in C# 3.0: var o = new {greeting = “Hello”, audience =”World”, thisIsACoolNewIdea = […]

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