Auto Dark Theme

There are a number of ways to approach a dark mode for your website, but essentially you get all the styles ready for it and then apply them when the user has indicated they want them, whether by direct choice or a system-level preference. If your website doesn’t have a dark mode, well, then, it […]

What is Your Page Title on a Google Search Engine Results Page?

Whatever Google wants it to be. I always thought it was exactly what your <title> element was. Perhaps in lieu of that, what the first <h1> on the page is. But recently I noticed some pages on this site that were showing a title on SERPs that was a string that appeared nowhere at all […]

Sending Large Files Using Google Drive in Gmail

Google Drive is very useful for people who want to Share, Send and Store files online. The main advantage of Google Drive over Gmail is, with Gmail you can upload only files with 25MB. But with Google Drive you can upload files larger than 25MB. Signing Up and Installing Google Drive To use this service, first […]

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