Write a program to reverse a number [Java Interview Question & Answer]

Write a program to reverse a number This article will help you to understand “Java Program to reverse number” We need to write a program to reverse a number using numeric operations. We can also reverse it using string operations as used in Palindrome Example Java Program to reverse number Output Reversed Number : 987654321 Reversed […]

Check whether given String is Palindrome or not in Java [Java interview]

Check whether given String is Palindrome or not in Java This article will help you to understand Java Program to Check Palindrome. Palindrome is a String or numeric value which remains same after reversing it. e.g. 12321, 345543, KANAK, MADAM etc. We can check if given string is palindrome or not by reverse it and […]

Angular 4 CRUD Example:

It would be great to checkout branch angular-crud-app from repository https://github.com/theJavaGeek/angular. Our objective is to be able to extend our bike app to : be able to add, update and delete bikes. be able to create bike on localhost:4200/bikes. be able to delete bike from bikes list shown on localhost:4200/bikes. be able to update bike information from bike-info page. We […]

Insert Document In MongoDB

Mongodb stores documents in bson form. Just like we use json like structure to represent data, we can populate data in a bson Document object and then simply put in collection. Let us directly turn to an example to insert document in mongodb. Create Mongodb connection Create mongodb connection from java program. Retrieve Database and […]

jax-rs @PathParam example

Hi, till now we’ve seen how we can retrieve a resource using GET request and post data using POST request. Many time we need to get some resource based on certain parameters. i.e. It is a GET request but we send some information through urls. Jax-rs @PathParam example will demonstrate how to do it using […]

consume json in jax-rs

Hi, In previous article we have seen how we can create a simple hello world jax-rs web service. This article will explain how to consume json in jax-rs. Consume Json in JAX-RS: JAX-RS can be used to accept POST requests through which we can pass data. A common format for data interchange is json format. […]

JAX-RS Hello world example With Wildfly

Hi, we are going to start a new tutorial series where we will learn about JAX-RS. It stands for REpresentational State Transfer. In this article we will create a JAX-RS Hello World example with Wildfly. JAX-RS Hello World Example With Wildfly: Java EE 7 downloaded from Oracle. Eclipse Mars Wildfly 9 Adding Wildfly In Eclipse: We […]

save entity using morphia

We saw the introduction to morphia in previous article. From now on we will see morphia in action. Let us try to define and save entity using morphia. Save Entity Using Morphia: Set up Morphia: First of all we need to include morphia jar along with all required jars specified in setting up mongodb project. You can […]