What is MySQL

MySQL: What is it? MySQL is an open-source relational database management system that allows you to manage relational databases based on Structured Query Language (SQL) queries. It supports multiple platforms such as Windows, Ubuntu, Linux, macOS, etc. It was developed by Swedish company MySQL AB in 1994, which was acquired in 2008 by American tech company […]

6 Must know SQL queries

There are few queries in SQL that are used in our day to day life as a backend developer. Maybe you are about to start your career as a backend developer or frontend developer then you should at least know these SQL queries. So let’s talk about these 6 must know SQL queries. 1. Create […]

How to install XAMPP on macOS to use PHP & MySQL

If you want to use PHP with MySQL, I will always recommend you to install XAMPP to get things done. It’s pretty straightforward and easy to use. To start, first, go to XAMPP and download the XAMPP for macOS, you’ll generally find download option on the home page itself, if not then go to the download page and select […]

Implementing Facebook Login using JavaScript

Facebook Login is the fastest way to signup people into your website. Implementing this would make the user part of signing up for your website easier. This post will show you how to implement Facebook Login in your website using the Facebook JS SDK. Creating App The first and foremost thing to do to implement Facebook Login is […]

Facebook Like Friends Relationship System Design using PHP and MySQL

This post explains in detail of how to use the Classes created in Social network friend’s relationship to actually implement the system itself. This is designed like how the Facebook friend’s relationship system works. Read the post on Social Network Friends Relationship System Using PHP and MySQL to understand the Class implementation. Directory Structure The app/ directory contains the important Class’es that are used […]

Social Network Friends Relationship Database Design

Relationship design plays an important role in any social network designed to connect people. In this post, the database design of the Friends Relationship is shown. This will give you an idea of how to implement the relationship network in any social networking website irrespective of the database used. Here, the queries provided are based […]

Social Network Friends Suggestion System using PHP, MySQL and jQuery 2021

I have already done a Facebook Style Relationship System in a previous post that covers the database design and PHP implementation of various friendship actions like Sending a friend request, Accepting Friend request, Blocking a user etc. This post covers another very usefull feature that was requested by users, Friends Suggestions for the currently logged in user. Read the […]

Destructors and session data in the database

Destructors and session data in the database One of my projects uses its own session handler to write the session data to the database instead of to the file system. The first step is to mount and call your own functions with session_set_save_handler (). However, the problem arose here that PHP had already destroyed most […]

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