Creating Generative Patterns with The CSS Paint API

The browser has long been a medium for art and design. From Lynn Fisher’s joyful A Single Div creations to Diana Smith’s staggeringly detailed CSS paintings, wildly creative, highly skilled developers have — over the years — continuously pushed web technologies to their limits and crafted innovative, inspiring visuals. CSS, however, has never really had […]

Which SVG technique performs best for way too many icons?

Tyler Sticka digs in here in the best possible way: by making a test page and literally measuring performance. Maybe 1,000 icons is a little bit of an edge case, but hey, 250 rows of data with four icons in each gets you there. Tyler covers the nuances carefully in the post. The different techniques […]

Control Layout in a Multi-Directional Website

Many business websites need a multilingual setup. As with anything development-related, implementing one in an easy, efficient, and maintainable way is desirable. Designing and developing to be ready for multiple languages, whether it happens right at launch or is expected to happen at any point in the future, is smart. Changing the language and content […]

On User Tracking and Industry Standards on Privacy

Inspired by Eva PenzeyMoog’s new book, Jeremy highlights the widespread user tracking situation in this industry: There was a line that really stood out to me: The idea that it’s alright to do whatever unethical thing is currently the industry norm is widespread in tech, and dangerous. It stood out to me because I had been thinking […]

Top Ten Vue Templates to Choose in 2021 | FrontEnd Matters!

Introduction There is no construction that can be completed without the proper tools. And that statement is not only true when it comes to actual physical constructions. It is just as true when it comes to web applications. In order to make a worthwhile web project, you will also need proper and fitting tools. And, […]

Reimagine Atomic CSS

I’m not the biggest fan of Atomic CSS myself. I don’t like all the classes. I like to express my styles in CSS because I find CSS… good. But I appreciate that a lot of people seem to like it, and it does have some clear advantages, like the fact that the generated stylesheet is […]

Coding Font Game

A tournament bracket UI where you pick your favorite between two coding fonts and your choices are whittled down all the way to a final winner. A clever way to suss out your own taste and arrive at a choice. (P.S. We have our own little coding fonts website to showcase some high-quality favorites.) Wenting […]

Parallax Powered by CSS Custom Properties

Good friend Kent C. Dodds has recently dropped his new website which had a lot of work go into it. I was fortunate enough that Kent reached out a while back and asked if I could come up with some “whimsy” for the site. ✨ One of the first things that drew my attention was […]

The Many Faces of VS Code in the Browser

VS Code is built from web technologies (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript), but dare I say today it’s mostly used a local app that’s installed on your machine. That’s starting to shift, though, as there has been an absolute explosion of places VS Code is becoming available to use on the web. I’d say it’s kind […]

Ways to Make an Ecommerce Store on Node.js in 2021 | Guide for Beginners

The upcoming trend of 2021 shows that eCommerce growth is inevitable due to COVID consequences, remote work, and a bunch of commonly known factors, that’s why offline sales will strengthen the market of digital solutions. The current situation has increased the demand for the development of high-speed platforms to gain customer loyalty and trust. The […]

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