Web Streams Everywhere (and Fetch for Node.js)

Chrome developer advocate Jake Archibald called 2016 “the year of web streams.” Clearly, his prediction was somewhat premature. The Streams Standard was announced back in 2014. It’s taken a while, but there’s now a consistent streaming API implemented in modern browsers (still waiting on Firefox…) and in Node (and Deno). What are streams? Streaming involves […]

iOS Browser Choice

Just last week I got one of those really?! ? faces when this fact came up in conversation amongst smart and engaged fellow web developers: there is no browser choice on iOS. It’s all Safari. You can download apps that are named Chrome or Firefox, or anything else, but they are just veneer over Safari. […]

React Chat App: How to Make a Chat Using Socket.io

Table of contents: Introduction We hope that you will find this article really helpful. And not only because we intend to talk about the theoretical side of React chat apps, their importance and usage, but also because we are going to discuss the practical creation of such apps with the help of Flatlogic’s own Full […]

Tonic (Component Framework)

I enjoy little frameworks like Tonic. It’s essentially syntactic sugar over <web-components /> to make them feel easier to use. Define a Class, template literal an HTML template, probably some other fancy helpers, and you’ve got a component that doesn’t feel terribly different to something like a React component, except you need no build process […]

Systems for z-index

Say you have a z-index bug. Something is being covered up by something else. In my experience, a typical solution is to put position: relative on the thing so z-index works in the first place, and maybe rejigger the z-index value until the right thing is on top. The danger here is that this sets […]

The Self Provisioning Runtime

If the Platonic ideal of Developer Experience is a world where you “Just Write Business Logic“, the logical endgame is a language+infrastructure combination that figures out everything else. Two paraphrases as assertions: People who are really serious about developer experience should make their own language or runtime. (quote) Developer Experience advances by extending the number […]

Comparing Methods for Appending and Inserting With JavaScript

Let’s say we want to add something to a webpage after the initial load. JavaScript gives us a variety of tools. Perhaps you’ve used some of them, like append, appendChild, insertAdjacentHTML, or innerHTML. The difficult thing about appending and inserting things with JavaScript isn’t so much about the tools it offers, but which one to […]

What is Your Page Title on a Google Search Engine Results Page?

Whatever Google wants it to be. I always thought it was exactly what your <title> element was. Perhaps in lieu of that, what the first <h1> on the page is. But recently I noticed some pages on this site that were showing a title on SERPs that was a string that appeared nowhere at all […]

Twitter’s div Soup and Uglyfied CSS, Explained

Twitter web is a complex application built with React Native for Web – an implementation of the React Native components and APIs for the browser. React Native for Web provides cross platform primitives that normalize inconsistencies and allow to build web applications that are, among other things, touch friendly. To the eyes of somebody who’s […]

Cascade Layers?

There is a new thing coming in CSS: @layer. As with all new things, it takes time to really wrap your head around it. And despite me tapping at my keyboard about it, full disclosure, I’m not sure my mind is fully there yet. Fortunately, smart people are on the case! This comes from Miriam […]

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