What is PHP?

Introduction: What is PHP PHP (an acronym for Hypertext Pre-processor or the previous one Personal Home Pages) is a server-side open-source scripting language. It is great for dynamic content management, session tracking, databases, and has fantastic community support. PHP is a weak dynamic typing language, meaning it auto determines a lot of implicit conversions, even […]

The Next Update on Flatlogic Web App Generator; Vol. 2 ?

Hello there! ? ? We are happy to announce that Flatlogic Generator got Laravel backend! Our web app building tool is growing and it means that now you can choose as a backend for your future app one of the most hyped, most popular, and most wanted PHP web frameworks, Laravel. Now you can easily […]

Top Five Websites/Blogs Using WordPress As Their Platform

Living in this age and time where the use of internet dominates our every move, no matter what we do, staying connected to it, either directly or indirectly has become a necessity. This demand has created a need for an increase in supplies available on the internet; it’s basic economics. Hence, more and more people […]

Top 5 WordPress Shopping Cart Plugins

The WordPress Content Management System was primarily intended as a blog publishing platform. But nowadays its polyfunctional and multifaceted nature helps altering WordPress blogs even into advanced eCommerce websites. Today there is a great number of the alternative WordPress shopping cart plugins that will help you optimize the work of your online store. To make […]

How to install XAMPP on macOS to use PHP & MySQL

If you want to use PHP with MySQL, I will always recommend you to install XAMPP to get things done. It’s pretty straightforward and easy to use. To start, first, go to XAMPP and download the XAMPP for macOS, you’ll generally find download option on the home page itself, if not then go to the download page and select […]

What are Cookies in PHP and how to use it

As the PHP developer, you must have come across COOKIES in PHP. In this article, we will see what are COOKIES in PHP and how to use it. So without any further ADO, let’s begin. What are Cookies in PHP ? Cookies in PHP belong to one of the superglobal variables of PHP. Cookies are small storage that […]

How to create PDF in Laravel

Laravel is a framework of PHP and is widely used. Creating a PDF in PHP or say Laravel is a pretty common thing. There are various libraries available for creating PDF in laravel. So let’s see how to create PDF in laravel 7. Don’t worry it will also work in laravel 5 and 6. I am […]

Simple CRUD application in laravel

Laravel is a web framework of PHP, Widely being used by many developers. if you are new to Laravel this article will surely help you out creating, updating, deleting a blog. Let’s dive in and see simple CRUD application in Laravel. I have created a repository on Github of this project. At the end of the […]

Create PDF using mPDF in core PHP

mPDF is a library built in PHP for creating PDFs easily. As a PHP developer it is not something new to create PDFs. If you are here that means you are about to create PDF in PHP or you might have already created and looking for another library. In this article I will guide you how […]

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