Send email using mail function in PHP

Sending mail is the most common feature in web development. Even the smallest website requires sending/receiving email feature. If you are a PHP developer you should know it. There are many options available to send mail in PHP but today I am going talk about the builtin function of PHP that is mail() function. So […]

What is middleware in Laravel and how to use it

Middleware is something like when you visit a mall, at the entrance, a security guard does the checking then he permits you to enter into the mall. So the security guard is here middleware. Similarly in Laravel when you make an HTTPrequest it goes through a middleware before it accesses the intended block of code. Let’s see what […]

How to install and setup Laravel

Laravel is being used on very large scale now-a-days , 9 out of 10 php developers are using Laravel . In this article we will also see howto install and setup Laravel. Laravel is fully featured MVC pattern framework , most of the things handled by laravel . Frameworks is just a tool to increase […]

Implement social login with google in PHP

Login with username and password is kinda old school, now nobody wants to type a word. Everybody wants everything in one click, that’s why most websites have social logins like Google, Facebook etc..With this article I am starting a series of social logins. So let’s see how to implement social login with google in PHP. […]

Few most useful features of PHP 7.4

PHP is a server-side language that started with a procedural approach and later in updates brought the OOPs approach. But in today’s article, we will talk about the launch of PHP version 7.4 and Few most useful features of PHP 7.4. Lets see a quick list of few most useful features first. Arrow functions Type […]

Upload image using AJAX in PHP

PHP and AJAX have been lately great combination. While PHP is a server-side language and AJAX is client-side. AJAX can also be called a medium to communicate with PHP. I guess most of you have done AJAX call to fetch and insert data in the backend. But in this article, you will see how to […]

Useful PHP Array methods you should know

As a PHP developer or learning PHP, once in a while, you have to work with arrays. So while working on array sometimes you have to do manipulation on array data and you write a bunch of code for that whereas PHP already has done the hard part for you. PHP has built many array […]

Everything you should know about sessions in PHP

You must have heard the word session before, If not then basically in PHP it holds the data for a limited time period. In this article, you will know what is significant of it and how to use its different functions. So let’s see everything you should know about sessions in PHP. Sessions hold some […]

Simple CRUD application in core PHP

PHP is a server-side language, widely used in web applications. If you are thinking about giving it a try, you can start with a simple CRUD application in core PHP. CRUD (Create, Update, Read, Delete) covers almost all the operations you might need while developing a real-world website/project. So in this article, we will create […]

Useful array methods of PHP – part 2

Yes! This is useful array methods of PHP – part 2 You have not read the first part you can click Useful PHP Array methods you should know. Lets see the quick list of array methods of this article. array_keys() array_values() range() compact() shuffle() array_keys() Well, array_keys() used to get all the keys from an array. In part […]

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