Migration to PHP 5.3

Migration to PHP 5.3 Today I upgraded one of our development servers from PHP 5.2 to 5.3. Not really a big problem, a lot has been written about it in other places. Solutions to the most common stumbling blocks may help one or the other:If you want to test PHP 5.3 first: With ./configure a […]

Optimizations in PHP

Optimizations in PHP Google’s article on PHP in connection with “Let’s make the web faster” has taken a beating in the last few days. I also consider many of the tips to be nonsense or a drop in the ocean. Basically, I think it’s a good idea to start a profiler first before doing (supposed) […]

Best practices with sessions

Best Practices mit Sessions Best practices with sessions For a current occasion, a little text about sessions today. What sessions are, how to configure and start them for PHP and so on should be clear to every PHP developer. In addition, however, there are a few tricks that not everyone may have directly in mind. […]

Generate Excel files with PHP and XML

Generate Excel files with PHP and XML Every developer knows the task of creating Excel files. There are already a number of ways in which this can be achieved, from CSV files to PEAR libraries to COM interfaces in the Windows area. Another interesting possibility is to generate XML files. Of course, like all other […]

Receive RSS feeds by email

Receive RSS feeds by email Since I follow a lot of RSS feeds and use several computers (office, laptop, netbook) I wrote a small PHP script which picks up new articles from the corresponding RSS feeds and sends them to me by e-mail. So I only have to maintain the feeds once centrally on a […]

Introduction to charsets and encodings

Introduction to charsets and encodings Since lately I have heard and read misunderstandings on the topic again and again, or heard people say things like “Uh, now it broke my umlauts, why do I have an A with a tilde over it?” I write today a little bit about charsets and encodings. First two important […]

Mail server with humor

titus:~# telnet kunde.com 25 220 mx.kunde.com ESMTP; Fri May 15 12:09:03 2009 HELO port-83-236-176-115.static.qsc.de 250 Hello, spam sender. Pleased to be wasting your time. MAIL FROM sender@test.de 250 You are about to try to deliver spam. Your time will be spent, for nothing. RCPT: test@kunde.com 250 This is hurting you more than it is hurting […]

Debut / Why PHP Bloke?

Debut / Why PHP Bloke? So this is it, the first post. Very interesting. So blogging, so. Why is the blog called PHP Bloke? For one thing, Bloke sounds a lot like blog. That’s a good thing. Second, I’ve found the word kind of funny (it means something like guy or guy) since Eddie Izzard […]

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