How to Make a Dating App Like Tinder

Introduction Hello, dear reader! Happy to see you in this article that, we are sure, you will find most helpful. The reasoning behind our assurance is simple: we will show you the way to create a CMS for a Tinder-like app that requires no, and we emphasize it strongly – absolutely no, coding. “How can […]

Build a Blog on React: Step-by-Step Guide With Examples

Introduction As we all know, thanks to the old saying, the pen is mightier than the sword. And that is definitely true on many occasions, with an exception of, perhaps, an actual sword-on-pen fight, but we digress. The point we are conveying here is that speech and information are not just a way of sharing […]

The Next Update on Flatlogic Web App Generator; Vol. 2 💥

Hello there! 👋 🤖 We are happy to announce that Flatlogic Generator got Laravel backend! Our web app building tool is growing and it means that now you can choose as a backend for your future app one of the most hyped, most popular, and most wanted PHP web frameworks, Laravel. Now you can easily […]

Best Headless CMS

Creating and publishing high-quality content definitely helps businesses grow, reach new customers, and provide them with a superior digital experience. On the other hand, crap content can even turn buyers away from your business. In this regard, in 2021, in the world of COVID-19, when the Internet began to live an even more active life, […]

🆕 Update on Flatlogic Web App Generator!

Hey coders! We hasten to share this month’s updates! We’ve added two useful features to the Web Application Generator. In case you haven’t heard… we’ve been hard at work over here launching a web app generator. It is the direct result of more than 7 years of our professional expertise in web development. So now, you […]

React Chat App: How to Make a Chat Using

Table of contents: Introduction We hope that you will find this article really helpful. And not only because we intend to talk about the theoretical side of React chat apps, their importance and usage, but also because we are going to discuss the practical creation of such apps with the help of Flatlogic’s own Full […]

Top 30 Ways to Learn React in 2021 (React Tutorial Digest)

The market of frontend developers is booming, and you surely know the main spots and platforms where to learn how to code, where to learn new frameworks and languages; how to fix simple bugs and errors, how to maintain and keep sites up-to-date, and so on and so forth. But nobody will take your hand […]

Best Libraries for React I18n

Internationalization is an integral part of modern software development. In addition to English-speaking countries, there are still many paying markets where a project may not be successful without internationalization and localization. Different studies show that 72% of consumers are more likely to stay on a website if it has been translated. Moreover, 55% of consumers […]

Top 12+ React Datepickers to Use in 2021

We’ve decided to get a deeper look into the theme of React Datepickers and present you with Flatlogic’s list of their top representatives. Let’s, first of all, take a little detour into what a React Datepicker is.  What is a React Datepicker  Generally speaking, a Datepicker is a GUI widget that allows the end user […]

Full Stack Web Application Generator by Flatlogic

Hello there! 👋 I am thrilled to announce to you our new tool called Flatlogic Web Application Generator. 🔥 It is a compilation of more than 7 years of our professional knowledge in web software development. The idea is really simple and consists of a few steps only: Choose the stack for your web application (React, […]

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