Full Stack Web Application Generator by Flatlogic

Hello there! 👋 I am thrilled to announce to you our new tool called Flatlogic Web Application Generator. 🔥 It is a compilation of more than 7 years of our professional knowledge in web software development. The idea is really simple and consists of a few steps only: Choose the stack for your web application (React, […]

Spicing Up the UI: a Guide for Approaching CSS Animations

I guess every front-end developer had that moment in their career when work on a website was already at the finish line, but the website looked like it lacked some life. Users weren’t able to interact with the design, and the only plan for making it more dynamic was to turn the cursor into a […]

When to use functional component over class component in ReactJS

Well, I chose this topic because I have seen people writing all over class components. This is an old topic still people are confused when to use which one. So in this article, you will see when to use functional component over class component in ReactJS. Before we see which one to use when. Lets […]

Writing Reusable Code using Traits in PHP

Traits are way for code reuse which makes it easier to include the same code(trait) in different locations(classes). PHP is a single inheritance language, which means a class could have only one parent class. A trait contains methods and properties like classes, but a trait cannot be instantiated on its own. Let’s have a look […]

Top 20 Best React Website Templates for React Developers [Free and Premium]

React website templates. React overview. There are lots of templates on the web nowadays. And React website templates are among the most popular ones. Just imagine, React library has got 172k stars on GitHub and more than 10,636,147 weekly downloads on npm!  Free React themes are extremely useful when it comes to web development in […]

jQuery vs JavaScript. Why we Removed jQuery from our Templates? [Updated 2021]

jQuery vs. JavaScript JavaScript What is JavaScript used for? JavaScript web development capabilities allow websites to perform actions such as refreshing specific parts of a page without reloading the entire website, displaying pop-up messages, or introducing animations into 2D or 3D graphics. Overall, the main impact is on client-side development, but JavaScript can now do […]

Top 11+ Twitter Bootstrap Alternatives [Updated 2021]

Why you should look for Twitter Bootstrap alternatives?  Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework that is used for building responsive web interfaces. Nowadays, Bootstrap is not only an adaptive grid system but a full-fledged toolkit with components and JS plugins. A part of Flatlogic web templates is made with Bootstrap (check […]