I took a break from work and started some small, personal projects (toys). One of those small projects is where I keep all of my doodles, visual short stories and jokes. Check it out! However, this post is not about my break from work, other experiments, or the site itself. People seem to like […]

Notes on Josh Comeau’s Custom CSS Reset

We recently talked with Elad Shechter on his new CSS reset, and shortly after that Josh Comeau blogged his. We’re in something of a new era of CSS resets where… you kind of don’t need one? There isn’t that many major differences between browsers on default styling, and by the time you’re off and running […]

Should CSS Override Default Browser Styles?

CSS overrides can change the default look of almost anything: You can use CSS to override what a checkbox or radio button looks like, but if you don’t, the checkbox will look like a default checkbox on your operating system and some would say that’s best for accessibility and usability. You can use CSS to […]

Top 8 React Bootstrap Templates for Enthusiasts and Pros

Introduction Beauty is the purgation of superfluities. This statement by Michelangelo isn’t only about aesthetics. Masters of various professions have made similar statements. And the ones who didn’t often showed a similar attitude to their craft and life. Empty spaces in a painting give weight to the parts that aren’t empty. Mechanisms with fewer moving […]

CSS-Based Fingerprinting

Fingerprinting is bad. It’s a term that refers to building up enough metadata about a user that you can essentially figure out who they are. JavaScript has access to all sorts of fingerprinting possibilities, which then combined with the IP address that the server has access to, means fingerprinting is all too common. You don’t […]

Thank You (2021 Edition)

The year has come to a close and it’s time again for our end-of-year wrapup. The most important message is this: thank you. (thankyouthankyou) Thanks for stopping by and reading this site. If you didn’t, I’d be out of a job around here, and I quite like this job so I owe it all to […]

Defensive CSS

Ahmad Shadeed nails it again with “Defensive CSS.” The idea is that you should write CSS to be ready for issues caused by dynamic content. More items than you thought would be there? No problem, the area can expand or scroll. Title too long? No problem, it either wraps or truncates, and won’t bump into anything […]

Add Less

When you’re about to start a new website, what do you think first? Do you start with a library or framework you know, like React or Vue, or a meta-framework on top of that, like Next or Nuxt? Do you pull up a speedy build tool like Vite, or configure your webpack? There’s a great […]

Empathetic Animation

Animation on the web is often a contentious topic. I think, in part, it’s because bad animation is blindingly obvious, whereas well-executed animation fades seamlessly into the background. When handled well, animation can really elevate a website, whether it’s just adding a bit of personality or providing visual hints and lessening cognitive load. Unfortunately, it […]