The Next Update on Flatlogic Web App Generator; Vol. 2 💥

Hello there! 👋 🤖 We are happy to announce that Flatlogic Generator got Laravel backend! Our web app building tool is growing and it means that now you can choose as a backend for your future app one of the most hyped, most popular, and most wanted PHP web frameworks, Laravel. Now you can easily […]

Websites We Like: MD Nichrome

Here’s a beautiful website: it’s a type specimen for Mass-Driver’s ever-so-lovely type family MD Nichrome. There’s a ton of nifty animations and graphics explaining all the features inside… If you’re wondering how those animations work, they’re actually styled <video> elements. There’s lots of great graphic design touches as well, such as how the letters below […]

Best Headless CMS

Creating and publishing high-quality content definitely helps businesses grow, reach new customers, and provide them with a superior digital experience. On the other hand, crap content can even turn buyers away from your business. In this regard, in 2021, in the world of COVID-19, when the Internet began to live an even more active life, […]

Scroll Shadows With JavaScript

Scroll shadows are when you can see a little inset shadow on elements if (and only if) you can scroll in that direction. It’s just good UX. You can actually pull it off in CSS, which I think is amazing and one of the great CSS tricks. Except… it just doesn’t work on iOS Safari. […]

Quickly Testing CSS Fallbacks

Dumb trick alert! Not all browsers support all features. Say you want to write a fallback for browsers that doesn’t support CSS Grid. Not very common these days, but it’s just to illustrate a point. You could write the supporting CSS in an @supports blocks: @supports (display: grid) { .blocks { display: grid; grid-template-columns: repeat(auto-fill, […]

Links on React and JavaScript II

Wanna learn React deeply? React is the web’s most popular framework, always topping the charts for JavaScript developers awareness, interest, and satisfaction. Not to mention so many jobs listing it as a requirement these days. Frontend Masters has the best courses on the web for React, including a complete learning course from the best teachers […]

Using the platform

I recently came across a series of articles by Daniel Kehoe where he introduces The Stackless Way, an optimistic take on web development that proposes we “use the platform” (modern features built into the language) instead of frameworks and build tools that keep getting replaced every few years. It was good timing. While I’m a […]

Working With Built-in GraphQL Directives

Directives are one of GraphQL’s best — and most unspoken — features. Let’s explore working with GraphQL’s built-in schema and operation directives that all GraphQL spec compliant APIs must implement. They are extremely useful if you are working with a dynamic front-end because you have the control to reduce the response payload depending on what […]

🆕 Update on Flatlogic Web App Generator!

Hey coders! We hasten to share this month’s updates! We’ve added two useful features to the Web Application Generator. In case you haven’t heard… we’ve been hard at work over here launching a web app generator. It is the direct result of more than 7 years of our professional expertise in web development. So now, you […]

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