Node.js Image Uploader using Express and jQuery Ajax

Image upload is one of the most useful and required feature for almost any kind of website. From Profile picture upload to Gallery and Photos Albums and many others features of websites require the image upload mechanism. Node Express is one of the growing Web Framework that is used to build websites using JavaScript. We’ll […]

Social Network Friends Suggestion System using PHP, MySQL and jQuery

I have already done a Facebook Style Relationship System in a previous post that covers the database design and PHP implementation of various friendship actions like Sending a friend request, Accepting Friend request, Blocking a user etc. This post covers another very usefull feature that was requested by users, Friends Suggestions for the currently logged in user. Read the […]

Implementing OEmbed URL Embedded Representation Using PHP and jQuery

oEmbed is a way for third-party websites to display an embedded representation of an URL. Using this format service providers implement URL Schemes and API endpoints for third-party websites to use and display embedded representation of their content. Overview OEmbed URL Expand Overview A consumer(e.g Facebook) requests the service provider(e.g Youtube) with the following HTTP request(when a user posts a Youtube URL). oEmbed API […]

Basics of LESS CSS

LESS also known as Leaner CSS is a dynamic stylesheet language. It provides us various features available in programming languages. Features like Variables, functions like feature called Mixins, inheritance like feature called Extend (But not the inheritance that you think in other languages will work like). With LESS we can create cleaner and more efficient CSS. With LESS maintaining CSS is […]

Implementing Firebase Authentication using Vue.js – Login and Signup

Firebase Authentication can easily be integrated into web apps with just a few lines of code. In this tutorial we are going to implement the Firebase Authentication using Vue.js. Although Firebase supports authentication using service providers like Facebook, Twitter and more, here we’ll look at Signing Up a user in Firebase and Authenticating that user […]

Basics of Vue.js 2 – Directives, Template and Binding

Vue.js is a framework for building reactive user interfaces, focusing only on the view layer. Like React, Vue uses Virtual DOM to compute differences between the DOM elements and applies the minimal amount of DOM updates required. The reactive behaviour of Vue always keeps the data and the DOM in sync.SourceLive Demo Note: Open your Web Console to tinker with the […]

Basics Of Webpack Module Bundler – Config, Dev Server, Loaders

Basics Of Webpack Module Bundler – Config, Dev Server, Loaders Webpack is an amazing tool used by lot of developers. After starting to use webpack, it felt like it was not the regual way scripts would be serverd or how fast the development process was with the various technologies(React, JSX, Coffee, Babel etc) that was […]