How to retrieve the POST data using Express in Node JS

Learning Node JS could lead to you too many questions. One of them is how to retrieve the POST data using Express in Node JS. This is question arises while you send data from client application to your server. Let’s consider you have a login form and on click of submit you are making a POST […]

What are Cookies in PHP and how to use it

As the PHP developer, you must have come across COOKIES in PHP. In this article, we will see what are COOKIES in PHP and how to use it. So without any further ADO, let’s begin. What are Cookies in PHP ? Cookies in PHP belong to one of the superglobal variables of PHP. Cookies are small storage that […]

Install NodeJS in Windows/Linux/macOS

NodeJS is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine, according to their website, basically, you can run JavaScript code on server-side and use JavaScript as your backend language. So let’s see how to install NodeJs on your machine. macOS First go to the NodeJS download page, choose the LTS (stable) version, or latest version and then click on […]

How to create PDF in Laravel

Laravel is a framework of PHP and is widely used. Creating a PDF in PHP or say Laravel is a pretty common thing. There are various libraries available for creating PDF in laravel. So let’s see how to create PDF in laravel 7. Don’t worry it will also work in laravel 5 and 6. I am […]

Simple CRUD application in laravel

Laravel is a web framework of PHP, Widely being used by many developers. if you are new to Laravel this article will surely help you out creating, updating, deleting a blog. Let’s dive in and see simple CRUD application in Laravel. I have created a repository on Github of this project. At the end of the […]

Create PDF using mPDF in core PHP

mPDF is a library built in PHP for creating PDFs easily. As a PHP developer it is not something new to create PDFs. If you are here that means you are about to create PDF in PHP or you might have already created and looking for another library. In this article I will guide you how […]

Send email using mail function in PHP

Sending mail is the most common feature in web development. Even the smallest website requires sending/receiving email feature. If you are a PHP developer you should know it. There are many options available to send mail in PHP but today I am going talk about the builtin function of PHP that is mail() function. So […]

What is middleware in Laravel and how to use it

Middleware is something like when you visit a mall, at the entrance, a security guard does the checking then he permits you to enter into the mall. So the security guard is here middleware. Similarly in Laravel when you make an HTTPrequest it goes through a middleware before it accesses the intended block of code. Let’s see what […]

How to install XAMPP on Linux/Ubuntu?

XAMPP is a cross-platform local server and highly recommended server if you want to run PHP and MYSQL based projects. So today we are going to see how to install XAMPP on Linux/Ubuntu system. Step 1: Download XAMPP package XAMPP is provided by apache so visit their official website to download the XAMPP Linux package.  […]

How to install and use composer on ubuntu ?

We all know there are various PHP frameworks/libraries available in the market but there was a need to manage them through one source and that is “Composer”. In this article, we will see What is composer and How to install and use composer on ubuntu. lets cut to the chase, Composer is a package manager […]

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