Aggregation Example

Aggregation Example: By definition we know that two classes have aggregation relationship when one class has the reference of other class but other class can still exist outside the containing class.  Now consider two classes. Bike and Engine. We have following assumptions. A bike HAS-A engine An engine can exist without bike. (because we can manufacture engine separately and then mount […]

Composition Example

Composition Example Two classes have composition relationship when one class completely depends upon other class and it does not have existence outside the owning class. When owning class is destroyed, then the owned class also gets destroyed. For our composition example article, consider following scenario A Wall class which contains Window object i.e. a Wall HAS-A […]

Short list of popular design patterns for programmers

Design Patterns  This page has a list of popular design patterns. Instead of directly going to design patterns, it starts from core design principles which makes them easy to understand. Design principles and Design Patterns help us build extensible, scalable and maintainable applications. As we all know, there can be multiple opinions and solutions for a […]

Information about all machine learning articles

Machine Learning  This page contains information about all machine learning articles. Although this blog was mainly focused on java related technologies, we’ve decided to write about machine learning and artificial intelligence too. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are hot topics these days and they are changing the way  of programming. In traditional programming approach, we […]

Using Primeng with Angular 4:

We are going to install primeng UI libraries for our applications with this tutorial onwards. Although the official website explains how to install and use it, I am taking our own apps forwards to use primeng UI component library. Install primeng: Go to your project directory and run following command. npm install primeng –save Now, we want […]

Mongodb Upsert Operation

Let us see the syntax of update query once again. We have seen about <query> and <update> parts in previous article. Let us try to understand what upsert means. This is directory from official documentation. If upsert is true and no document matches the query criteria, update() inserts a singledocument. The update creates the new document with either: The fields and values of the <update> parameter if the <update> parameter contains only field […]

MongoDB Remove Operation

As name suggests, mongodb remove operation is used to perform deletion of documents from a collection. It can remove one or more documents based on the collection provided. The syntax for the same as per official documentation is as below. db.collection.remove(, ) db is a variable which refers to current database selected. collection is the collection on which we are […]

Angular 4 CRUD Example:

It would be great to checkout branch angular-crud-app from repository Our objective is to be able to extend our bike app to : be able to add, update and delete bikes. be able to create bike on localhost:4200/bikes. be able to delete bike from bikes list shown on localhost:4200/bikes. be able to update bike information from bike-info page. We […]

GitHub Explains the Open Graph Images

You know that feeling when you make your latest hack project public, and you’re ready to share it with the world? And when you go to Twitter to post a link to your repository, you just see a big picture of yourself? We wanted to make that a better experience. We recently set about creating […]

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