Add Less

When you’re about to start a new website, what do you think first? Do you start with a library or framework you know, like React or Vue, or a meta-framework on top of that, like Next or Nuxt? Do you pull up a speedy build tool like Vite, or configure your webpack? There’s a great […]

Empathetic Animation

Animation on the web is often a contentious topic. I think, in part, it’s because bad animation is blindingly obvious, whereas well-executed animation fades seamlessly into the background. When handled well, animation can really elevate a website, whether it’s just adding a bit of personality or providing visual hints and lessening cognitive load. Unfortunately, it […]

Add a Service Worker to Your Site

One of the best things you can do for your website in 2022 is add a service worker, if you don’t have one in place already. Service workers give your website super powers. Today, I want to show you some of the amazing things that they can do, and give you a paint-by-numbers boilerplate that […]

Strut Your Stuff With a Custom Scrollbar

The first time I had my breath taken away by a humble scrollbar was on this very site. When CSS-Tricks v17 rolled out with its FAT CHONKY BOI, my jaw dropped. I didn’t know you could do that on a professional site. And it would look… good?! I appreciated so much about it—the gentle gradient, […]

Remember You Are Not the User

One thing people can do to make their websites better is to remember that you are not representative of all your users. Our life experiences and how we interact with the web are not indicative of how everyone interacts with the web. We must care about accessibility. Some users rely on assistive technology to navigate […]

Personalize it!

Ensuring accessibility is a clear path to making your website better. When you make your site accessible, you grow your audience, improve the experience for all people using it (not just those with accessibility needs), and you get SEO benefits as well. Along the same lines, preference-query customization is another great opportunity to give your […]

Maybe Nothing

What’s one thing we can do to make our site better? Maybe nothing at all! Our websites keep getting bigger and bigger! When we have a team with so many exciting ideas and such interesting technology, it can be easy to get swept up and not as easy to prioritize all those ideas.   However, there […]

Consistent, Fluidly Scaling Type and Spacing

When Chris first sent me this prompt, I was thinking about writing about progressive enhancement, but that subject is so wide-reaching to be one thing and all too predictable, especially for those already familiar with my writing. Saying that, what I’m going to outline in this article also isn’t just one thing either, but the […]

Read Your Website

When’s the last time you read your website? Like out loud in the lobby of a Starbucks on a weekday afternoon, over the phone to your parents, or perhaps even as a bedtime story for your kids. No worries, this isn’t a trick question or anything—just a gut check. If there’s only one thing you […]

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