A Shared ESLint Configuration

Like our markdown linters, all Mapbox documentation repositories use a shared ESLint configuration. Our configuration covers everything from enforcing React best practices to improving accessibility, including: eslint-config-mapbox is a shared ESLint config for Mapbox engineering teams which serves as the base for our configuration. eslint-plugin-react includes React specific linting rules. eslint-plugin-jsx-a11y checks accessibility rules on […]

Conjuring Generative Blobs With The CSS Paint API

The CSS Paint API (part of the magical Houdini family) opens the door to an exciting new world of design in CSS. Using the Paint API, we can create custom shapes, intricate patterns, and beautiful animations — all with a touch of randomness — in a way that is portable, fast, and responsive. We are […]

So you want to self-publish books and courses on programming

John Resig and I recently self-published our book on GraphQL. There are tons of how-tos for self-publishing a book, or even online classes, but very little in the way of why you would want to, or whether it’s even worth your while. I’m going to share my experience and revenue numbers with you in this […]

Safari 15 Opinions

It was interesting that when Safari 15 was dropping at this last WWDC, in my circles at least, I mostly heard enthusiasm. Like the colors-in-the-browser-controls stuff was a neat trick and fun to play with. And there were other more serious features, like iCloud Private Relay, which were near-universally applauded for the security innovation. But […]

Learnings From a WebPageTest Session on CSS-Tricks

I got together with Tim Kadlec from over at WebPageTest the other day to use do a bit of performance testing on CSS-Tricks. Essentially use the tool, poke around, and identify performance pain points to work on. You can watch the video right here on the site, or over on their Twitch channel, which is […]

Demystifying styled-components

When I first started using styled-components, it seemed like magic ✨. Somehow, using an obscure half-string-half-function syntax, the tool was able to take some arbitrary CSS and assign it to a React component, bypassing the CSS selectors we’ve always used. Like so many devs, I learned how to use styled-components, but without really understanding what […]

Web Features That May Not Work As You’d Expect

As the web gets more and more capable, developers are able to make richer online experiences. There are times, however, where some new web capabilities may not work as you would expect in the interest of usability, security and privacy. I have run into situations like this. Like lazy loading in HTML. It’s easy to […]

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