13+ Date Picker Examples for Bootstrap [2022 Choice]

What is a Date picker? Let’s start with the basics. Datepicker is a UI component that helps users interact with the website by choosing a certain date or time. This is a standard element for every Internet user since we see it almost everywhere (especially in registration forms where we need to fill out the […]

Bootstrap Templates: Top 19 for 2022

Bootstrap Templates: Introduction If you are reading this article, that means that you are moving with the times, because the demand for Bootstrap templates is expected to grow. That’s because of the current situation in the world about the pandemic. We are not going to hype out of that, it’s a very serious and mournful […]

20+ Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Templates for 2022

Introduction If you need to create a user interface of the backend of a web app you will require an admin template. What is an admin template? Admin template is a set of web pages, usually built with Javascript, HTML, or CSS. The templates make the part of website administration more pleasing and easy due […]

Top 7+ Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Templates in 2022

Introduction There is a huge number of admin dashboard templates on the internet and a significant number of free ones to download. They usually include such kinds of things as graph/chart libraries, dashboard pages, alert box buttons, navigation schemes, icons, tables, and so on. We will try to find the best suitable UI (user interface) […]

8 Essential Bootstrap 4 Components for Your Web App

Let’s talk about Bootstrap 4 components. Bootstrap is an open-sourced framework for web apps development that has gained great popularity since 2011 when it was released for the first time. Since that time Bootstrap has expanded, evolved, become more and more popular, and gained the support of a large community of developers. The latest Bootstrap […]

Bootstrap Table Guide and Best Bootstrap Table Examples

Tables and data visualization Tables are so widespread and trivial it’s easy to take them for granted. Meanwhile, the value of a table or spreadsheet for big data is like that of an assembly line for heavy industry. Before we dive into our Bootstrap table examples, let’s take a moment to realize what an achievement […]

Top 20+ Bootstrap Dashboard Templates to Use Absolutely Free

Bootstrap, earlier known as Twitter Blueprint, needs no introduction because it’s a well-known web development framework on GitHub. To find your best fit for an admin dashboard template for free doesn’t seem like a complex task, cause Bootstrap has CSS-and JavaScript-based design templates with a variety of UI components that are widely known and used […]

Top 8 React Bootstrap Templates for Enthusiasts and Pros

Introduction Beauty is the purgation of superfluities. This statement by Michelangelo isn’t only about aesthetics. Masters of various professions have made similar statements. And the ones who didn’t often showed a similar attitude to their craft and life. Empty spaces in a painting give weight to the parts that aren’t empty. Mechanisms with fewer moving […]

Bootstrap vs. Material-UI. Which One to Use for the Next Web App?

Bootstrap or Material UI – the age-old question everyone has asked yourself at least once. Without a long introductory we want to present a short table with main conclusions on each criterion of the comparison. Those of you who want to know more may read further.  Enjoy reading!    A short comparison for those who look […]

Top 11+ Twitter Bootstrap Alternatives [Updated 2021]

Why you should look for Twitter Bootstrap alternatives?  Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework that is used for building responsive web interfaces. Nowadays, Bootstrap is not only an adaptive grid system but a full-fledged toolkit with components and JS plugins. A part of Flatlogic web templates is made with Bootstrap (check […]

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