Am I on the IndieWeb yet?

Can’t smash the Like button hard enough for what Miriam Suzanne has to say on the challenging technical hurdles of implementing Webmentions: The first round required several online services along with HTML & JS changes to my static site, just to verify my indieweb identity. Then more changes to the site and more online services to help fetch […]

Beautify GitHub Profile

It wasn’t long ago that Nick Sypteras showed us how to make custom badges for a GitHub repo. Well, Reza Shakeri put Beautify GitHub Profile together and it’s a huuuuuuge repo of different badges that pulls lots of examples together with direct links to the repos you can use to create them. And it doesn’t […]

Customizing Color Fonts on the Web

Myles C. Maxfield on the WebKit Blog published a nifty how-to for color fonts. It comes on the heels of what Ollie wrote up here on CSS-Tricks the other day, and while they cover a lot of common ground, there’s some nice nuggets in the WebKit post that make them both worth reading. Case in […]

First Look At The CSS object-view-box Property

Ahmad Shadeed — doing what he always does so well — provides an early look at the object-view-box property, something he describes as a native way to crop an image in the browser with CSS. The use case? Well, Ahmad wastes no time showing how to use the property to accomplish what used to require […]

Ahmad Shadeed: Use Cases For CSS fit-content

Ahmad Shadeed covers the CSS fit-content sizing keyword. It’s useful! It just doesn’t come up super often. I find myself using min-content a lot more, like when setting up the height of a grid-template-row. The fit-content keyword is actually closely related to min-content and max-content — it just has a little heuristic it follows that […]

Trailing Slashes on URLs: Contentious or Settled?

A fun deep dive from Zach. Do you have an opinion on which you should use? 1) 2) The first option has a “trailing slash.” The second does not. I’ve always preferred this thinking: you use a trailing slash if that page has child pages (as in, it is something of a directory […]

Manuel Matuzovic’s CSS Specificity Demo

If you’re looking for a primer on CSS specificity, we’ve got that. And if you’re trying to get ahead of the game, you should be aware of CSS Cascade Layers as well. One of the ways to help get a grasp of CSS specificity is thinking terms of “what beats what” or how strong the […]

My white whale: A use case for will-change

 Nic Chan: […] the will-change property landed in major browsers in August 2015, and I’ve been on the lookout for when to use it ever since. It might seem self-evident to apply it to commonly animated properties such as transform or opacity, but the browser already classifies them as composite properties, thus, they are known as the few […]

Before I go: When it comes to complaining about web browsers

That’s a damn one-two punch from Dave. He goes for the ultimate clickbait title¹, then follows up with a pile of epic advice for us all. If you want web browsers to get better, listen up: Complaining on Twitter sure does feel good but it doesn’t do much other than burning bridges and burning through […]

(Jay Freestone’s) Front-End Predictions for 2022

I linked to Jay’s front-end predictions last year and I think they panned out pretty well. I think he’s got a bit of a knack for that wide-scope look at front-end, including tooling and architecture, as well as browser tech. Let’s review. Jay’s front-end predictions for 2021 👍 React framework maturity is here in the […]