Cool Hover Effects That Use Background Properties

A while ago, Geoff wrote an article about a cool hover effect. The effect relies on a combination of CSS pseudo-elements, transforms, and transitions. A lot of comments have shown that the same effect can be done using background properties. Geoff mentioned that was his initial thought and that’s what I was thinking as well. […]

6 Creative Ideas for CSS Link Hover Effects

Creating CSS link hover effects can add a bit of flair to an otherwise bland webpage. If you’ve ever found yourself stumped trying to make a slick hover effect, then I have six CSS effects for you to take and use for your next project. Let’s get right to it! I know we’re talking about […]

Adam Argyle’s Sick Mouse-Out CSS Hover Effect

I was killing some time browsing my CodePen feed for some eye candy and didn’t need to go past the first page before spotting a neat CSS hover effect by Adam Argyle. I must’ve spent 10 minutes just staring at the demo in awe. There’s something about this that feels so app-like. I think it […]

Buttons vs. Links

There are thousands of articles out there about buttons and links on the web; the differences and how to use them properly. Hey, I don’t mind. I wrote my own as well¹. It’s such a common mistake on the web that it’s always worth repeating: Is the intention to send someone to another URL? It’s […]

On Browser-Specific URL Schemes

We’ve covered URL schemes: A URL Scheme is like “http://…” or “ftp://…”. Those seem like a very low-level concept that you don’t have much control over, but actually, you do! I’d call it non-trivial, but developers can register new URL schemes in apps that users install. Back in 2017, Microsoft Edge did this: microsoft-edge:// If […]

Application-Specific Links

You know like https:? That’s a URL Scheme. You’re probably familiar with the concept, thanks to others that come up in front-end development, like mailto:. You can actually make your own, which is pretty cool. There are a lot of them. I find that custom URL schemes come up the most with apps that are […]

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