Top 7+ Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Templates in 2022

Introduction There is a huge number of admin dashboard templates on the internet and a significant number of free ones to download. They usually include such kinds of things as graph/chart libraries, dashboard pages, alert box buttons, navigation schemes, icons, tables, and so on. We will try to find the best suitable UI (user interface) […]

What is REST API

What is the REST API? REST, or Representational State Transfer, API  is a client-service architecture that is based on a request/response design. REST APIs are primarily used to access and work with data.  How the REST API works? The REST API works almost in the same way as any website. The call is made from […]

Top 8 Material UI Templates

Table of Content Introduction The foundations for Material UI templates originate earlier than Material UI’s official release. In 2012 Google released Google Now, the predecessor of Google Assistant. On October 29 of the same year, an update added Gmail cards. The cards pulled information from Gmail account and displayed it without opening dedicated apps. Google […]

Top 10 Angular Material Admin Dashboard Templates

Introduction Angular is a worldwide known framework for creating web applications. It goes in two different versions – Angular or AngularJS. And, each of them has its peculiarities. AngularJS was built in 2009 and using it will show you, how data changes in JavaScript can automatically be shown on the UI. AngularJS also makes it […]

Flatlogic Platform Updates: November 2021

Flatlogic Platform, also known as Web App Builder is gathering pace!?. Yay! We have already 2570 applications generated, and that’s not the limit! ? TypeScript added. ? Migrations added. ✔️ GitHub integration included ? Free 7-Day Trial Added We keep on updating our Flatlogic Platform ?, a powerful tool for building fully working CRUD web […]

New React Templates in the Family of Flatlogic Dashboards

Hey there! ? In addition to the free versions of Sofia React Template and Flatlogic One React template, we’ve released three more upgraded versions of our latest React templates. Meet them with a big round of applause: React Template based on Bootstrap and Material-UI React Template based on Bootstrap and Material-UI with Node.js Backend Flatlogic […]

Web Summit Tickets Give Away!

Win the Tickets to Web Summit 2022 Hello people! ? Do you want to take part in Web Summit 2022, in Lisbon? ?? We’ll provide you with this online opportunity! Web Summit is an annual event that brings together the leading companies, professionals, and amateurs of the global tech industry from all over the world! […]

Flatlogic Web App Generator+GitHub!

 Hello coders! ? Our full-stack web app generator got integration with well-known and well-liked GitHub. Now you can add projects to your GitHub account where you will see a repository with the project made on the web app generator. If you make an update to your project in the generator, all the updates will be […]

The Next Update on Flatlogic Web App Generator; Vol. 2 ?

Hello there! ? ? We are happy to announce that Flatlogic Generator got Laravel backend! Our web app building tool is growing and it means that now you can choose as a backend for your future app one of the most hyped, most popular, and most wanted PHP web frameworks, Laravel. Now you can easily […]