Semantic menu context

Scott digs into the history of the <menu> element. He traced it as far back as HTML 2 (!) in a 1994 changelog. The vibe then, it seems, was to mark up a list. I would suspect the intention is much like <nav> is today, but I really don’t know. Short story: HTML 4 deprecated […]

Twitter’s div Soup and Uglyfied CSS, Explained

Twitter web is a complex application built with React Native for Web – an implementation of the React Native components and APIs for the browser. React Native for Web provides cross platform primitives that normalize inconsistencies and allow to build web applications that are, among other things, touch friendly. To the eyes of somebody who’s […]

Web Features That May Not Work As You’d Expect

As the web gets more and more capable, developers are able to make richer online experiences. There are times, however, where some new web capabilities may not work as you would expect in the interest of usability, security and privacy. I have run into situations like this. Like lazy loading in HTML. It’s easy to […]

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