Adding Tailwind CSS to New and Existing WordPress Themes

In the 15 or so years since I started making WordPress websites, nothing has had more of an impact on my productivity — and my ability to enjoy front-end development — than adding Tailwind CSS to my workflow (and it isn’t close). When I began working with Tailwind, there was an up-to-date, first-party repository on […]

Building a Tennis Trivia App With Next.js and Netlify

Today we will be learning how to build a tennis trivia app using Next.js and Netlify. This technology stack has become my go-to on many projects. It allows for rapid development and easy deployment. Without further ado let’s jump in! What we’re using Next.js Netlify TypeScript Tailwind CSS Why Next.js and Netlify You may think […]

“Disambiguating Tailwind”

I appreciated this bit of nuance from a post on Viget’s blog: There could be a whole article written about the many flavours of Tailwind, but broadly speaking those flavours are: 1. Stock tailwind, ie. no changes to the configuration,2. Tailwind that heavily relies on @apply in CSS files but still follows BEM or some other component […]