What is Material UI

Introduction Material-UI (MUI) is a CSS framework that provides React components out-of-the-box and follows Google’s Material Design launched in 2014. MUI makes it possible to use different components to create a UI for a company’s web and mobile apps. Google uses Material Design to guarantee that no matter how users interact with the products they use, they will […]

What is React?

Introduction: What is React React.js was released by a software engineer working for Facebook – Jordane Walke in 2011. React is a JavaScript library focused on creating declarative user interfaces (UIs) using a component-based concept. It’s used for handling the view layer and can be used for web and mobile apps. React’s main goal is […]

What is PHP?

Introduction: What is PHP PHP (an acronym for Hypertext Pre-processor or the previous one Personal Home Pages) is a server-side open-source scripting language. It is great for dynamic content management, session tracking, databases, and has fantastic community support. PHP is a weak dynamic typing language, meaning it auto determines a lot of implicit conversions, even […]

What is Hosting and Domain Name?

Domain name The domain name is the name of the website that you put in the URL bar. It maps to a numeric IP address used for accessing a website from client software. The domain name should consist of letters, numbers, hyphens, and be available, while the domain extension is generally a given number of […]

What is Git and Why Use It

What is Git Git is a version control system for keeping track of changes to files. Using Git lets you always have a record of all adjustments, and return to specific versions when needed. Using it is easy to learn and takes up minimal space with high productivity.  The feature that sets it apart from […]