Writing Strong Front-end Test Element Locators

Automated front-end tests are awesome. We can write a test with code to visit a page — or load up just a single component — and have that test code click on things or type text like a user would, then make assertions about the state of the application after the interactions. This lets us […]

Test Your Site With Real Users

A few years ago, there was this French book publisher. They specialize in technical books and published an author who wrote a book about CSS3, HTML5 and jQuery. The final version, however, a glaring typo on the cover where “HTML5” was displayed as “HTLM5.” Read that twice. Yes. “HTLM5.” (Note that it was also missing […]

Writing Your Own Code Rules

There comes a time on a project when it’s worth investing in tooling to protect the codebase. I’m not sure how to articulate when, but it’s somewhere after the project has proven to be something long-term and rough edges are starting to show, and before things feel like a complete mess. Avoid premature optimization but […]

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