Avoiding the Pitfalls of Nested Components in a Design System

When creating a component-based, front-end infrastructure, one of the biggest pain points I’ve personally encountered is making components that are both reusable and responsive when there are nested components within components. Take the following “call to action” (<CTA />) component, for example: On smaller devices we want it to look like this: This is simple […]

Top 9 Vuetify Templates for Web Developer

Introduction It is safe to say that in 2021 user experience is crucial. And, subsequently, user interface and overall project design are just as crucial. User experience and intuitive design help your end-user to not only get the overall gist of your project but also build a connection to your brand, which, ideally, evolves into […]

Top Ten Vue Templates to Choose in 2021 | FrontEnd Matters!

Introduction There is no construction that can be completed without the proper tools. And that statement is not only true when it comes to actual physical constructions. It is just as true when it comes to web applications. In order to make a worthwhile web project, you will also need proper and fitting tools. And, […]

What is CRUD? How to create a CRUD app?

Modern web development involves user interaction with databases. As a rule, the user needs to perform some actions with the database. Usually, there are 4 actions: create, view, update and delete something. This is how we come to the acronym CRUD – an abbreviation for these four actions. If you have ever worked with databases, […]

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