13+ Date Picker Examples for Bootstrap [2022 Choice]

What is a Date picker? Let’s start with the basics. Datepicker is a UI component that helps users interact with the website by choosing a certain date or time. This is a standard element for every Internet user since we see it almost everywhere (especially in registration forms where we need to fill out the […]

Typescript vs. Javascript: The Key Differences You Should Know in 2022

Let’s start the battle TypeScript vs JavaScript with an introduction of both technologies. JavaScript is a scripting language, that was developed by EMCA’s Technical Committee and Brendan Eich. It works perfectly in web-browsers without the help of any web-server or a compiler. It allows you to change HTML and CSS in the browsers without a full […]

12 JavaScript Image Manipulation Libraries for Your Next Web App

Today we would like to talk to you on a topic most interesting – JavaScript image manipulation libraries. And, to be more precise – those JavaScript image manipulation libraries that definitely deserve your particular attention when you develop your next spectacular web app. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves and firstly answer the question […]

20+ Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Templates for 2022

Introduction If you need to create a user interface of the backend of a web app you will require an admin template. What is an admin template? Admin template is a set of web pages, usually built with Javascript, HTML, or CSS. The templates make the part of website administration more pleasing and easy due […]

Bootstrap Table Guide and Best Bootstrap Table Examples

Tables and data visualization Tables are so widespread and trivial it’s easy to take them for granted. Meanwhile, the value of a table or spreadsheet for big data is like that of an assembly line for heavy industry. Before we dive into our Bootstrap table examples, let’s take a moment to realize what an achievement […]

Full Stack Web Application Generator by Flatlogic

Hello there! ? I am thrilled to announce to you our new tool called Flatlogic Web Application Generator. ? It is a compilation of more than 7 years of our professional knowledge in web software development. The idea is really simple and consists of a few steps only: Choose the stack for your web application (React, […]

Spicing Up the UI: a Guide for Approaching CSS Animations

I guess every front-end developer had that moment in their career when work on a website was already at the finish line, but the website looked like it lacked some life. Users weren’t able to interact with the design, and the only plan for making it more dynamic was to turn the cursor into a […]

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