Top Five Websites/Blogs Using WordPress As Their Platform

Living in this age and time where the use of internet dominates our every move, no matter what we do, staying connected to it, either directly or indirectly has become a necessity. This demand has created a need for an increase in supplies available on the internet; it’s basic economics. Hence, more and more people are setting up online businesses, either directly selling merchandise or providing services and earning through advertisements. But not every new online business is succeeding in its venture, and content-management systems play a huge role in deciding this.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is a content-managing system that provides hosting services to all those people who are connected to the internet, regardless of their physical location on earth. Founded in 2003, WordPress has grown, within just a decade, to become the most famous content-management platform on internet

There are many reasons why WordPress is the most preferred CMS, some of which are:

1) Flexibility

WordPress does not ask you to choose a permanent plan that you must take on for the rest of the website’s life. Instead, it gives you temporary plans to choose from. These temporary plans don’t have a time stamp on them. They are only temporary in the sense that you can upgrade to a better plan without any fuss at all, and there is always a better plan available at WordPress. This allows you to not invest a lot of money during your website’s start up, especially if you are unsure of its potential, by giving you cheap startup options which are excellent for beginners;

2) A lot of Plugins

Plugins are sort of tiny applications that allow you to customize your website the way you want to, and act as your assistant with the maintenance of the website by automating small tasks like cleaning up the comments section etc. WordPress offers you over 24000 types of such plugins, so you can get help for practically anything.

3) Customer Service

WordPress has the best customer service out of all the CMSs in existence; there is no doubt about this fact. There are always customer support people available to help you out with the technical difficulties you might face while setting up and/or maintaining your website;

4) SEO-ed

That’s right! WordPress is, by default, search engine optimized. But how? Well, WordPress has what developers like to call a “search engine friendly code”, which means a clean code free from errors and bugs. Search Engines list such CMS websites on a higher place on search result pages, which generates a lot of traffic to websites hosted on WordPress as a result;

5) It is Open Source

By being open source, WordPress basically gives freedom to developers all over the world to use the WordPress code and to make changes to it (after moderation by the WordPress Staff of course). This has generated for WordPress a large source of developers, which means that any issues and bugs that arise inside of the WordPress code are immediate taken care of. This in turn ensures that you have a seamless experience working on WordPress with the surety that if anything goes wrong, it will be resolved within no time.

Top 5 Websites in Existence that Use WordPress

Because WordPress has so many amazing qualities, it has taken up a whopping 52 websites out of the top 100 blogs and websites under its shade; which, if generalized, means that over 52% of the best websites on the internet use WordPress as their base platform. That says a lot about the quality of WordPress to all who still have doubts about it.

The top 5 websites that use WordPress as their content-management system are:


On the top 100 blogs and websites list, these websites rank at numbers 3, 4, 6, 9, and 13 respectively. The ranking scale has defined these websites as the best, based upon their visibility on search engines as well as their popularity by measuring the traffic that all these websites generate. All these websites, with their success, are clear proof of WordPress’s amazing infrastructure and the way it handles the websites hosted on it.